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Dog Training Services

Custom training plans for Central Brooklyn pet parents

Puppy on the Beach
Puppy on the Beach

Puppy Training

Overwhelmed with raising your puppy? We get it. We help Brooklyn puppy owners set their lives (and apartments!) up so they can actually enjoy the puppy stage. Contact us for help with crate training, biting, potty training, and more.

Reactivity + Leash Issues

Does your dog bark and lunge at every dog or person they pass on the sidewalk? We can help you and your dog take your New York City leash walks from chaotic to confident with one-on-one coaching.

Small Terrier
Getting a Haircut
Getting a Haircut

Happy Handling

Does your dog hate to be harnessed? Can't stand having his feet touched? We can help. Our cooperative care training teaches your dog to not just tolerate chores like nail trims and paw wipes, but to participate enthusiastically.

Behavior Modification

Dealing with excessive barking, digging, or other annoying habits? Our private training plans are perfect for establishing a more peaceful partnership with your pup.

Puppy on the Beach
Dog Walk

Training Done For You

Don't let dog training languish at the bottom of your already long to-do list. Ask about our "hands off" training packages, where we do the bulk of the work for you! We'll lay the groundwork with your dog so that you can see results even faster.

Bed-Stuy Training Walks

Does your pup need a midday break? Let us take them for a spin while working on their good boy (or girl!) skills. Our 45-minute walks are great for brushing up on basic obedience, working on leash reactivity, and more.

Small Terrier
Puppy on the Beach
Dogs Running

Backyard Socials

Let's have a play date! For dogs that need a little extra help with their social skills or just want a friend to romp with, we offer lessons in dog body language with our gentle assistant Milo.

Ready to get started?

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