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Team Olive

"Shaunacy couldn’t have been more amazing helping us train our puppy!"

Team Harper

"Shaunacy is an excellent trainer—creative, patient, and full of good ideas."

Team Beanie

"Definitely worth the investment for dog training."
"[Shaunacy is] thoughtful and creative in terms of problem solving what works for the particular dog, rather than just offering a one size fits all approach, and she’s great at explaining the why behind the behavior, which has helped me to gain a much deeper understanding of my dog and how I can help him to be his best self."

Team Gus

Team Ruby

"Shaunacy is a tremendous dog trainer. She is incredibly thorough in making a plan that works for you and your dog ... She’s constantly recommending reading, tools and treats that are helpful."

Team Luna

"Shaunacy is a natural around dogs, and is effective in her tactics without being harsh. After our sessions, Luna is much better on a leash and much less reactive when we're on walks, and I feel like I have the tools to help her keep improving now too."

Team Olive

"[Shaunacy] showed us exactly how to train our puppy in and outside of our apartment! Super patient as well. Wholeheartedly recommend for new dog owners!"

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